Remote Work Experience 

Made By Shape

I had just finished my second year at Uni, studying Fashion Art Direction when I got in touch with Andy. I didn’t want to sit at home watching Netflix, twiddling my thumbs, so I got in touch to see if there was any chance to complete some remote work experience. And to my surprise I started the following Monday. I had a nice little set up in my student gaff, nothing on the Shape studio, but it served me well.

What I have learnt

Although I specialise in Photography and Art Direction, I think it’s important to have a well-rounded knowledge of the industry you want to work in. I didn’t know quite what to expect from remote working, but I knew I wanted some experience within an agency setting, and despite not being able to go into the studio I have successfully been able to achieve this. Each day saw different tasks; from creating social media content, idea generation, pitching, website testing, editing via CMS, to video creating and editing. 

Is remote work experience possible?

Of course, summer is normally the perfect time to find a placement, but when the UK went into lockdown, I thought I had no chance. You might think remote experience wouldn’t work, but I can tell you that I have learnt a lot during the past few weeks. University is great an all, but you don’t learn much about the real world, working to tight deadlines, client expectations and company standards.



Mia Edmond